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Organic Muesli Classic - 500g
BD 0.525
BD 1.500 65.00% off
Organic Semolina - 500g
BD 2.070
BD 2.300 10.00% off
Organic Bulgur Coarse - 750g
BD 2.231
BD 2.348 5.00% off
Organic Rice Flour - 500g
BD 1.559
BD 1.641 5.00% off
Organic Quinoa - 500gm (3 nos)
BD 2.498
BD 4.995 50.00% off
Organic Quinoa - 500gm (3 nos)

Quinoa is a flowering plant from amaranth family. It is the next healthy food we should opt as it is most approved health food in the world. It is rich in fiber, magnesium, B-vitamin, iron, potassium...

Organic Parmal Rice - 1Kg
BD 0.700
BD 1.000 30.00% off
Organic Parmal Rice - 1Kg

Organic Parmal Rice is a traditional rice variant grown in north India and hilly areas of India. It is a traditional variant, does not stick with one another and easy to digest. It is a good source of...

Organic Brown Basmati Rice - 1Kg (1 no)
BD 1.440
BD 1.600 10.00% off
Organic Brown Basmati Rice - 1Kg (1 no)

It is a healthier option of health concerned people. Due to high roughage content it is easy to digest and good for everyday home consumption. It provides energy and protein, also is a good source of ...

Organic Basmati Rice - 1Kg
BD 1.050
BD 1.400 25.00% off
Organic Basmati Rice - 1Kg

Organic Basmati Rice Premium in your regular diet gives high energy food. This rice has a high calorific value. Organic Premium Basmati rice has various nutritional value and best aromatic fragrance. ...