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Organic Groundnut Oil - 1Ltr
BD 2.961
BD 3.290 10.00% off
Organic Almond Oil - 200ml
BD 1.986
BD 3.055 35.00% off
Organic Sesame Oil - 500ml
BD 2.644
BD 2.938 10.00% off
Organic Sunflower Oil - 1ltr
BD 3.325
BD 3.500 5.00% off
Organic Pure Cow Ghee - 400ml

Organic Cow Ghee is made by churning the curd, the process which gives it natural unique aromatic flavor and texture. It is rich in butyric acid, a short chain fatty acid. Beneficial intestinal bacte...

Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil - 400ml
BD 1.800
BD 3.600 50.00% off
Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil - 400ml

Organic Coconut Oil is often described as the “healthiest oil on earth.” It has been used as food and a medicine throughout Asia and the Pacific for thousands of years. Coconut oil contains a med...